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  "Eternity is the only time measure that can do justice to all the possibilities life has to offer."  
- "The Watchtower" magazine

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This document is dedicated to my wife, Angela, and my three children, Michael, Deborah and Tony, who have taught me many valuable lessons as I have walked down the pathway of life.

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This document represents a variety of quotations and illustrations that I collected during 35 years of my tenure with IBM and has continued since I retired. It now contains over 6500 items arranged into 40+ topics and represents over 600+ typewritten pages. Some topics are more comprehensive than others. This is mostly due to my fields of interest (such as "Humor"). Some quotations were hard to catalog - many of these have been placed in "Points to Ponder."

I will be adding to this document as I come across additional pertinent items in the future. You are encouraged to contribute your favorite quote(s) to this document. If you would like to tell me a little about yourself, click HERE.

As Nicolas Chamfort once said "Most people who put together collections of verse or [quotations] resemble those who eat cherries or oysters: they begin by choosing the best and end by eating everything." Hopefully you will find that I have avoided the "snails" in the bowl and have picked only the highest quality!

The arrangement of the quotes into a number of topics will enable you to quickly find a quote that matches your needs. In addition, many browsers provide a "Find" or "Search" option. Use this option to search a particular topic for an author or quote that contain words or phrases you may be interested in. Make sure that you "click" your mouse somewhere in the frame that contains the quotes before beginning a search. Another option is to use the advanced search on Google. Specify the website "" under the selection "Search within a site or domain:". This will allow you to search all the topics at one time.

My thanks to Susan Gerke for allowing me to add her collection of quotes (mostly on "Teamwork"). To visit her website click HERE.

Thanks also to Scott Simmerman for his contributions (click on his website: SquareWheels).

Additions and modifications will continue to be made to this document. (as Robert M. Hamilton said "A book of quotations ... can never be complete.")

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